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  • Our law company provides the following legal services within the framework of the Premium package:
  • Commercial law:
  • – Conducting a legal procedure related to the demand and receipt of problematic receivables,
  • – Registration of property rights, protection of the owner’s rights against illegal actions of third parties,
  • – Protection of the company’s property and non-property rights, business reputation,
  • – Out-of-court (negotiations, submission of inquiries, other legal methods) settlement of disputes arising in economic and other fields related to the company’s activities.
  • Corporate law:
  • – Founding the branch and representative office of a foreign and local legal entity,
  • – Registration of legal entities, implementation of merger, split-off, division and        liquidation procedures of all forms of legal entity and legal consulting of the future activity of legal entities,
  • – Registration of economic subjects of legal entities,
  • – Preparation of constituent and internal corporate documents of legal entities,
  • – Providing advice and preparing necessary documents in the field of regulating interactions with state bodies.
  • – Obtaining licenses and permits
  • – Monitoring the legislation on the company’s activities and verifying the compliance of all types of prepared documents with the requirements of the legislation,
  • – Compiling of standard (typical) documents (job descriptions, employment contracts, etc.) suitable for the company’s activities.
  • Contract law:
  • – Preparation, cancellation of all types of (also international) contracts,
  • – The disputes related to the conclusion, execution, amendment or termination of the contract,
  • – Preparation of addenda in concluding of standard conditional contracts.
  • Economic disputes, representation in courts:
  • – Pre-court settlement of disputes related to economic activity of the company (filing of claims and inquiries),
  • – Protection of the company’s legal interests in all court instances,
  • – Defense of rights and legal interests in law enforcement and supervisory state bodies in administrative and criminal cases related to the company’s economic activity,
  • – Accompanying the execution of court decisions (removal of arrests imposed on bank accounts and property, etc.),
  • – Accompaniment in the legal procedure related to insurance payments.
  • Trademark registration and intellectual property:
  • – Registration of trademarks (domestic and international),
  • – Patenting of useful models and discoveries (domestic and international),
  • – Patenting of industrial samples,
  • – Registration, realization and protection of copyright and related rights,
  • – Representation in courts for the registration of trademarks and the settlement of disputes arising in the field of intellectual property.
  • Migration services:
  • – Obtaining registration and permanent/temporary residence permits of company’s foreign employees, extension of residence period,
  • – Registration of foreign nationals at the place of residence,
  • – Obtaining work permits for foreigners,
  • – Visa extension.
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