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Company “Arbitro” was founded and officially registered pursuant to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the purpose  of contributing to the solution of legal problems of citizens and legal entities and legal protection of their rights and legal interests of our country, which is confidently striding on the path of building a legal state and civil society. The basis of our company’s activity is the thesis that the problem which our entrepreneurs consider unsolvable is a routine situation that we face every day.

Company “Arbitro” ensures the following principles in its activities:

– Accessibility for all people and citizens;

– operativeness;

– confidentiality;

-complex service;

-transparency and exactness.

     Though a short time has passed since the establishment of the company, it has achieved important successes in the field of legal activity. Undoubtedly, the intensive work of experienced employees is the foundation of these successes.

     The main activity of the company is focused on providing various types of legal assistance and consulting services for legal entities. The fields of activity are very diverse. Thus, the creation of legal entities, the preparation of necessary legal documents for operation of companies, and the preparation of trade agreements with international and local legal entities are successfully ensured. In the field of business organization, we provide our customers with practical assistance in solving legal problems by explaining the requirements of the legislation, and provide them with useful advice on this activity. Settlement of disputes before the court, as well as representation of clients in all court instances, reliable protection of rights and legal interests are organized. Special attention is paid to this field, paying special attention to the compliance of the documents prepared by the firm’s lawyers by considering the requirements of the current legislation. “Arbitro” company properly manages to be the address of guarantee and trust for the applicants during its activity.

The services can be briefly expressed as follows:

– Preparation, cancellation of all types of (also international) contracts, disputes related to the conclusion, execution, amendment or termination of the contract,

– Registration of trademarks (domestic and international),

– Registration, realization and protection of copyright and related rights,

– Obtaining licenses and permits,

– Obtaining trademarks, ISO quality certificate,  patenting,

– Provision of public services for foreign citizens,

-Writing lawsuits,motions, state and organization applications,

– Obtaining  work and residence permits or extending the permit period for foreign citizens,

– Obtaining licenses,

– Liquidation of a legal entity or declaring bankruptcy of a legal entity,

– Conducting a legal audit in legal entities and providing an opinion on the result,

– Providing legal support during insurance payments and insurance disputes,

– Representation of the interests of the legal and physical persons  in pre-court and all the  court instances,

– Conducting a legal procedure related to the demand and receipt of problematic receivables, Registration of property rights, protection of the owner’s rights against illegal actions of third parties,

– Protection of the company’s property and non-property rights, business reputation.

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